Barbecue and hot pot‧machine with dual use‧Devon Hot Pot and BBQ all-in-one

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Product specifications:
‧Rated voltage: 220 V
‧Rated power: 1200 W
‧Hot pot depth: 60MM, Pan depth: 20MM
‧Size: about 342 mm x 230 mm x 133 mm
‧Shallow plate size: 193*128*20mm; deep plate size: 193*128*60mm
‧Weight: about 2kg

$ 368

Division independent temperature control, both sides can be cooked separately or used at the same time.
The power of 1200W, the district heating tube is evenly heated, and the food is cooked through quickly
Using a food-grade non-stick coating to ensure that food does not stick to the pan and reduce the generation of oily smoke
One-piece die-casting and fully sealed design, with power-off protection, can be washed directly with water

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