Eco vegan leather‧Card‧Money‧Lightweight‧Protection‧RFID Second Generation Small Wallet Card Case

New product

Product information:

Size: 7 x 2.8 x 9.9cm (L x W x H)

Product features:

-Can hold up to nine cards

-Eco-friendly vegan leather material

-Automatically launch cards

-Extra place to store your banknotes, three-layer folding design

-RFID (anti-leakage data function)

Stock Ready!

$ 599

Vegan Leather is a new type of environmentally friendly synthetic leather. It not only has a longer service life, but its production process can be controlled to be completely non-toxic and reduce waste and wastewater characteristics. Vegan Leather also has a leather texture and is more washable, and the waste water and exhaust gas emissions during the production process can be reduced to 35% compared to general synthetic leather.

Vegan leather is definitely an animal-friendly leather, but it does not mean that it is completely Eco-friendly or highly economical. Because of the philosophy of zero animal footprints, the raw materials must be entirely man-made. Although Vegan Leather is also made of PU, PVC and other materials, with the research of scientists, there are now many environmentally friendly vegan leathers, most of which are derived from plants and food.

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