Original Creation ‧ Bacterial Kick Away‧Help you press the button‧Engraved series Atypical Fingers & Expansion buckle

New product

Engraved finger atypical appearance, small fingers stiff with key chain, easy to carry

Suitable for different occasions in life, corresponding to the touch buttons of public facilities
‧Elevator button
‧Touch code keys, door clock
‧Tap and touch cash dispensers, self-service ordering and shopping vending machines for fast food restaurants

$ 37

In order to cater to the daily life of the new generation, we try to add screen touch function, which is designed for all capacitive screen handwriting, so that your fingers can be multi-functional and everyone can fight against epidemic.
Cleaning and disinfection: waterproof function, 75% fire wine or disinfectant can be used. Keep clean after use.

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